Construction Unit

Standard Unit

Farmers Unit

Standard Unit with Trailer

Standard Unit with Sink

Standard Unit with Sink

Standard Unit Pricing

Unit Details Once a Week Twice a Week
Standard Unit Elizabeth City, Perquimans, Hertford, Currituck, Weeksville $95.00 + tax $125.00 + tax
Standard Unit Gates and Chowan $95.00 + tax N/A
Standard Unit With Trailer $160.00 + tax N/A
Trailer Only Trailer for Owner Units $85.00 + tax N/A
Farmers Unit with Sink Sink adds $25 + Unit Rate $100.00 + tax N/A
Holding Tanks (210 Gallon Capacity) Once a Week Service, No Hook-ups Included $150.00 + tax N/A

Delivery Fee

$10.00 is applied to all orders inside a 10 mile radius. Additional fees are applied for units outside the 10 mile radius, depending on distance.

Special Pricing

Rental price of the first 5 units is $95.00 + tax, each additional unit is $88.00 + tax. Units can be at separate locations with once a week cleaning.

Non-profits receive a 10% discount and no delivery fee ($85.50 + tax).